The MELT Method® Hand and Foot Technique, a simple self-treatment technique that helps people get out and stay out of chronic pain. Developed by Sue Hitzman, a nationally recognized educator, manual therapist, exercise physiologist, and founding member of the Fascial Research Society, MELT is a growing phenomena that is helping countless people lead a healthy, pain-free life.

At Shine, we are honored to introduce yet another healing practice to the Louisville community. Learn how to reduce joint pain and muscle tension with self-treatment techniques that rehydrate your connective tissue and rebalance your nervous system. Geared to address issues in your whole body, you will learn how to decrease pain in your lower body as we rehydrate your connective tissue. MELT classes offer you a drug-free way to get your body out of pain!

MELT Hand and Foot balls are provided for all classes and workshops and are also available for purchase.

Shayne is currently offering monthly workshops on Saturday afternoons. Please visit our Special Events page to see upcoming dates.