Shine has been offering the highest quality After School Enrichment Programs for Public & Private Schools in the Metro Louisville area since 2009.
YogaKids 3-14 y/o Children will gain strength, concentration, focus, balance, body awareness, self-esteem, and more while having a great time! YogaKids® is a nationally-known yoga program that teaches anatomy, math, ecology, and earth elements through yoga postures and games.
Hoop Dance Yoga for Kids 6 - 12 y/o
A colorful mix of hooping, dance, play, movement and yoga designed to support physical fitness, encourage ecstatic expression and nurture self-esteem. This unique fun fitness program enhances total body awareness, hand–eye coordination, increased flexibility and core strength. Spatial awareness, locomotors and fine motor skills, group participation, creativity and self-expression are just some of the many benefits of hoop dance with children.
Nia 6- 14 y/o
Get your child body-aware with Nia - a fun, high energy, cardio workout that combines simple dance moves, the precision of martial arts and the healing energy of yoga. Each class has a warmup that relaxes the nervous system and integrates the body and some fun anatomy learning. Set to energizing music, Nia is great for all ages & body types.
We are offering a 6 week Spring Session at Field Elementary. 
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