Scouts can SHINE!

Girl Scout/Boy Scout Troop classes
Come and earn one of your special badges while learning the science of yoga! We can fine-tune any class to fit the needs of your troop.
Scout Troops can come to Shine or we can come to you!

Instructors can facilitate a yoga, art, or health class to meet your group’s needs. Most classes will consist of  yoga instruction, relaxation or guided imagery and an art project.
Below are some examples of the age level awards for girl scouts that can be worked on or completed in the class:
Daisy - Purple Petal “Respect Myself and Others”: We will talk about respecting ourselves through exercise, nutrition, and relaxation. We will do fun yoga poses to relax and energize our bodies.

Brownie - My Body Try-It: We will learn about our bodies while doing fun yoga poses and seeing our muscles and bones in action.  Other Try-Its: Art to Wear, Shape Up, Healthy Habits, Senses
Junior Girl Scout - Stress Less Badge: We will practice breathing, stretches, and relaxation poses to learn how to handle stress. We will start a journal and troop leaders will learn techniques to help themselves and the girls!  Other Badges: Art to Wear, Food Power, And A Healthier You!
Cadette and Senior - From Stress to Success Interest Project: We’ll learn breathing techniques and stretches to relax the body. We will learn about meditation and massage, and we’ll do lots of yoga poses too.
Leader Training - Learn how to use YogaKids techniques and poses during meetings to help the girls’ focus, relax or get energized and ready for your activities.

$75 per session

Email to schedule your troop's visit!