The Back Mitra is a gentle foam tool that provides relaxation and mobility for the many muscles and joints that provide core stability. Mitra is translated as "friend" in Sanskrit. During everyday life we tend to round forward, jut the chin out and up and let the back muscles take over. The Back Mitra class will be almost entirely done laying on the floor with the Mitra under your back in various positions. The Mitra brings awareness to the core muscles that need to be strengthened as well as the overworked back muscles that need relaxtion. The pressure from the Mitra allows muscles to relax and release. Through moving our limbs while the pressure from the mitra relaxes the overworked muscles we can strengthen our weak muscles. It is truly an amazing sensation. You just have to try it to understand.

Rebekah's background in yoga started around 10 years ago, when she started practicing to alleviate some medical conditions naturally. She has practiced many types of yoga. Her teaching certification is in Restorative Yoga and she has completed a 7 week intensive course of study with the creator of the Back Mitra,  Brigitte Longueville. Rebekah is also a Respiratory Therapist and is a  little obsessed with anatomy and physiology. She is very excited to share her knowledge and help others receive the life changing benefits that the Back Mitra provides!