Shine's principal offering - the Nia Technique - is a fitness fusion class that transformed the wellness industry by addressing body, mind, spirit and emotions. The revolutionary idea of adding awareness to movement created a whole new genre of classes -  Mindful Movement or Conscious Dance.

While Conscious Dance is still a small segment of the fitness industry, it is growing rapidly as people crave the sensation of being and moving in their bodies with awareness. You may have never heard of some of the classes at Shine. Remember that yoga took thousands of years to catch on!

At Shine, we are giving you a chance to get well ahead of the curve by offering classes in Nia, 5Rhythms, Belly Dance, Awareness Through Movement, Ageless Grace and MELT Method workshops. Step into awareness and a new way to move!

You are invited to explore our classes and then sense the changes that happen immediately and the transformation that occurs with time and practice!

So...Go ahead! Get in your body! Stop exercising...Start MOVING!