Music Together® at Shine offers three 10-week semesters during the school year - Fall, Winter & Spring and a shorter 6-week Summer Session.

We'd love to have you demo a class and discover the magic of music & movement at Shine!
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Registration for our Spring Semester are now closed.

Our Spring Semester begins March 20th and runs for 10 weeks ending May 28th.

Our Summer Schedule will be up SOON!

We are currently offering classes in the following locations:

Shine in the Clifton Center
Pro Martial Arts in New Albany

Our Spring Schedule

Shine Studio in the Clifton Center

MIXED AGES  (birth - 5)
Monday 10:00a   1:30p
Tuesday        9:30a    10:30a
Wednesday  10:00a
Thursday      9:30a   10:30a    6:00p
Friday          10:00a
Saturday        9:30a  10:30a
Sunday        9:30a

BIG KIDS  (5-7 y/o)
Tuesday            4:30p

RHYTHM KIDS  (4-5 y/o)
Monday            4:30p

BABIES  (infants under 8 mo)
Wednesday      11:00a

Pro Martial Arts in New Albany

MIXED AGES  (birth - 5)

Thursday   10:00a

Some Details
Classes are 45 minutes and meet once a week.

Mixed Ages Classes are for Children from birth through 4 or 5 years with a favorite grownup.

Rhythm Kids is for 4-5 year olds with a parent. Younger siblings are welcome to be in the class at the same time.

Big Kids Music is for 5-7 year olds are dropoff and your child must be 5 to attend. This class is 60 minutes.

Babies Class is appropriate for Newborn to 8 months, not yet crawling at the start of the semester.

Make-ups are available if you have to miss a class. No worries!

Try One of Our Classes
We'd love for you to join us for a free class so that you can experience the joyful learning that happens during our time together.

Please email to schedule your free class!

Questions? Comments?
Please let us know if you have any questions. Are we missing a time that would work for you? Would you like a demo at your playgroup or school setting?

We also offer Music & Movement Birthday Parties for kids of all ages!!!

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