In order to help parents &  caregivers learn their child’s favorite Music Together® songs on the guitar, Music Together has created a guitar program for adults. This program is offered exclusively to families whose children are enrolled in Music Together classes. In class, students will learn basic beginner guitar concepts, including simplified chording, so that they may accompany themselves and their families as soon as possible!

Classes are 60 minutes long and meet once weekly for 8 weeks beginning 2 weeks into the current semester in the fall, winter, and spring; guitar classes are not offered during the summer. Students should bring their own guitar, capo, and current semester songbook.

Here is what one Music Together mom says about her experience with the Guitar Class...

"I really loved the guitar class so much. I feel like I can't say enough about it. In the short eight weeks of the class I went from being able to play one chord to learning most of the Bells collection! It was surprising how much we learned and how things that were so hard to start became natural feeling. I love being able to play guitar with my daughter and she will sit in my lap and pluck at the strings singing her favorites or dance on the coffee table accompanying me with her kazoo. It is joyful and I am so glad to have taken the class.

I truly feel a huge amount of gratitude to Julia and Shine for the wonderful base that I learned in the class and can take forward to keep learning and keep practicing."

Interested in joining our Guitar Class this semester? Email for more info.

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