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Shine is a wellness studio devoted to
nurturing your graceful life through movement, music & fun.

This month, there are many opportunities to learn, move, explore and laugh at Shine. We hope you join us!

Please check our google calendar to confirm events!

Questions? Comments? Call us at 502.442.2843 or email


Friday, March 7 from 6-8pm

Come by Shine during the First Friday Trolley Hop to celebrate the Opening of Lizzie Gulick's show


Drum Circle wil be happening! Join in the fun!

Viscerocity - the quality of instinct or intuition rather than reason

Viscerocity visually represents a contemplation of the Human Being’s relationship to what is sacred.

At times pulling imagery from some of Humanity’s great spiritual traditions, it ultimately settles in the alchemical power of relationship to the experience of life. This work considers how our relationship to ourselves, to one another, and to life as it is offered to us, creates the possibility of meeting what is innately Divine. Here the Divine is glimpsed as the force which flows from the center of a life- rather than something to be met externally.

Viscerocity touches on what is available to us through the work of going in and through the self and resurfacing to integrate endlessly as the action of life. It considers the possibility that our willingness and courage to meet what is within transmutes the common substance of experience into a substance of great value. We are invited to meet the sacred in every moment and to trust our own interior experience.

Saturday, March 8th from 6-7pm

Timothy Mast is a Louisville-based musician and bodyworker. He has been playing crystal bowls for over 10 years and holding meditations with them almost as long. Tim has 17 frosted bowls and 12 alchemy bowls.

His understanding and approach towards the body is one that is best served when viewing the body in its totality--mind, body, soul and spirit. Tim's desire is to bring people through his bodywork and his music to a better state of wellness and wholeness---to bring people to a new state of awareness, to a place of heart-centeredness.

We are delighted to host him at Shine. Donation-based.

THE ART OF NAAM:  Merge with the Heavens and Rewrite Your Destiny with the Logos 
(A Meditation Workshop,
Pre-register $20, Drop-In $25)
Sunday, March 9 from 2-4 pm

Guru Hay Bani
Bani Hay Guru
 -The Teacher is the Word, the Word is the Teacher
Get prepared to be totally blissed out with this intensive meditation workshop composed of five powerful mantras that will eliminate all negative vibrations pre-written in your destiny so that the path to your highest desires may be clear, well-lit and easily manifested.
Coming together in this powerful group setting and joining our voices in the sacredness of Naam will prevent the “birds of challenges” from making a nest in your hair!
In 2012, the founder of Naam Yoga and Ascended Kabbalah Master Dr. Joseph Michael Levry blessed our international Naam Yoga Community with the recommendation of working intelligently with the following five mantras so that each aspiring soul may clear their karma, raise their vibration and merge their talents with the needs of the world….
Back to back we will do:
Triple Mantra-to develop an unshakeable mind, cuts through all opposing negative vibrations
Eck Ong Kar Devotional-cleans the Body of Pain (our seven sources of karma)
Har Har Gobinday-grants spiritual strength, grants a strong 10th Body
Ram-repairs all vulnerabilities in the aura and grants self-love
Hari Om-cleans the mind to promote health and helps with grief and guilt


Sunday, March 9 & 16 from 4:30 - 6pm

We are moving toward wholeness when we breathe consciously.

Breath is our own perfect medicine. It opens us up to what has been resistant to the natural flow of life - physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Bringing in life force and presence through our dedicated focus and willingness to stay with what is coming up to be healed.

The same presence that we so often ask others for is what we can give to ourselves in any moment, of course, but when the breath and healing are our focus we become our own shaman or healer. Our own compassionate container for our transformations can allow things we perhaps were not even aware of to come back into balance and flow.

With great evocative music, presence and your willingness, this will change your for the better.

Wear comfortable clothes and bring blanket and yoga mat (if you have)
contact Valerie Kausen 415-720-8188 or
email for more details
Come! Would love to see you.

Sing Out Song Circle hosted by Jim McGee
Friday, March 14 at 7pm

An evening of songs that you love to sing. Bring an instrument and a song to share.

We have a copies of the book “Rise Up Singing.” If you have a copy, bring your own book (BYOB.) BRING A FOLDING CHAIR if you have one.

Bring a friend. $5 Suggested Donation

Sunday, March 16 from 11 - 1pm

Focus and Intent: The focus is “Dancing with Passion to the Music,” with the intent to activate the hips, head and heart.

¡Bailando! is a lively routine spotlighting dance, friendship, and connection. The music for this routine is a fun mix of Latin-inspired rhythms that motivate the Nia 52 Moves as well as challenge the brain with new patterns. Bailando inspires you to let loose and blend movement with magic, expressing sensuality and strength in your dance.

The first hour we will “speed date” the moves, spending about 5 minutes on each song to learn the moves and the intent behind each move. Then the second hour, we dance BAILANDO!!!

Come embody the JOY OF MOVEMENT!

$20 DropIn
$16 for SuperStars

Tuesday, March 18 from 8:20 - 10pm

(after Christine's yoga class!)


For March, the Inspirational Book Club will read Daring Greatly, by Brene Brown!

Join the Goodreads Inpsirational Book Club Group to share feedback and ideas...but most importantly to see the list of options for future books the group can choose from to read. So many great book location to peruse for your next vote!

Book Club: 8:20 pm (would love to see you at 7pm for yoga as well)

Bring: A snack & insights to share

**Book Club is FREE
**Yoga is normal drop in rate
**Come to both or just one event!


MELT WORKSHOP with Shayne Wigglesworth
Saturday, March 22 from 2-3:15pm

Do you have body aches and pains? Are you looking for simple ways to self-care for your body? Adding MELT to your life will help improve your efficiency and performance in your fitness routine, while enhancing daily life by improving your digestion, sleeping, and reducing inflammation, accumulated stress, and chronic pain symptoms.

This 75-minute intro class will introduce the MELT hand and foot treatments and allow you to experience how easy it is to create change in your body regarding misalignment, chronic pain, and the negative effects associated with aging. Different from going to a therapist for bodywork, MELT empowers people with simple, self-care tools for long-term wellness. We will explore how to reacquire whole-body balance by directly affecting the cellular hydration of the connective tissue matrix using Hands-Off BodyworkTM.

Find out the root cause of body aches and experience immediate changes! The MELT Hand and Foot Treatment Techniques are easy to learn, and will help you remain active, healthy and pain- free for life!

$20 dropin   $15 in advance or Shine SuperStars
Pre-order your kit to take home  - $45!

Grab a snack or bring your lunch after Nia at Noon and join us!


THE POWER OF TOUCH: Assist & Align with Christine Saladino
Hip Openers, Forward Folds, Backbends & Cool Down Inversion
Sunday, March 23rd ~ 3 - 5:30pm

Workshop for students & teachers

$22 email to register in advance
$25 drop in rate
Have you ever wondered what a yoga teacher is doing when they are assisting you? Are you a yoga teacher wanting to incorporate assisting your students in your classes? At this workshop you will learn how to assist someone in many yoga poses, which can benefit both teachers and students; helping to bring awareness to your yoga poses and alignment in the body to take your practice/teaching deeper.

Some assists are delicious and feel massage like, others are informative and alignment focused (Some are a bit of both). We will explore the principles of assisting, how to assist safely and with proper intention.
What we will do:
Yoga Practice to warm our bodies & feel the poses we will assist & align with later in the workshop
Assist Demonstrations
Assist Circle
Why take this workshop:
Teachers and students can expect incredible transformation in their practice and teaching
Identify skillful adjustments to transform your or a student’s practice in a way that no verbal adjustment could
You will have the opportunity to go beyond self-imposed boundaries and realize what you never thought was possible
Assists are blissful
Teachers: this class is eligible for continuing education with Yoga Alliance.
Assists we will learn:

If you are interested in learning how to assist a certain pose, please let me know in advance so I can incorporate into our timeline. As long as time permits we will cover the assists for and any other posse you are interested in learning:

Baddha Konasana
Balasana (child's pose)
Happy Baby Pose
Janu Sirsasana
Dhanurasana (Bow Pose)
Ustrasana (Camel)
Bridge Pose
Wild Thing
Matsyasana (Fish)


GONG BATH MEDITATION with Loren Crawford
Sunday, March 23 from 6:30-8:00pm

Experience the healing power of gong and mantra on the fourth Sunday of every month beginning at 6:30pm. We begin with light yoga (suitable for any body) and then move into a deep relaxation with a beautiful Paiste symphonic gong. The gong is a reinforced vibration that impacts the entire body by releasing stress, unwinding nerves, and bringing the mind to total calm. The yogis say that the human body is like a wonderful musical instrument constructed with meridians that allow an inflow of healing and energy to cascade like a waterfall. Following the gong bath, we will engage in a meditation using mantra to further refresh and renew ourselves- re-creating ourselves for the week! What better way to start it?


NAAM YOGA with Anna Hurtgen
Sunday, March 30th from 2:00-3:30pm

Naam Yoga is a sophisticated fusion of Eastern and Western practices.  Firstly,  the eastern yogic practices correlate to our right-brain hemisphere (our abstract nature), whereas the western knowledge of the Universal Kabbalah is associated with the left-brain hemisphere (our analytical nature). Bringing these two modalities together through Naam Yoga Therapies provides an unshakeable and precious platform for self-healing and increased enlightenment. 

The highest form of yoga must calibrate, clean, heal and nurture the brain and mind, for therein lies the ultimate command center that not only directs the physical body to move, it also has the capacity to be raised in vibration to such a high frequency so a human can merge with beneficent unseen forces to direct one’s life toward its highest destiny regarding health, career, blessed love relationships and all manners of mental and emotional healing. 

Each Naam Yoga class uses precise breathing techniques that change the chemistry of the body for optimum health and perception.  We also rely whole-heartedly upon Naam, or the Word, Logos or Primal Vibration, through which the pituitary gland can be hypnotized and beautiful mental patterns of compassion, forgiveness and expansion are established.  Last but not least, we use specific movements and physical exercises to strengthen the organs, balance the hormones and wipe disease out of the body!


UNIVERSAL KABBALAH: The Art of Receiving Light
Sunday March 30th from 4-6pm

Universal Kabbalah as taught by Ascended Kabbalah Master Dr. Joseph Michael Levry will expand your awareness of the Universe and show you how to gracefully navigate through the unseen rhythms of nature by which, like it or not, we are all affected.  

In this Workshop we will acquaint ourselves with:

The True Origins of the Universal Kabbalah
The Tree of Life (a powerful gnostic symbol showing us the blueprint of creation)
The Seven Creative Planets (and how they influence our lives and affairs)
Your Primary Planet (and how it governs your career, health and personality)
Your Secondary Planet (how it works with the primary planet)
Specific challenges you can overcome as revealed by your birthdate
The Fall of Man and Man’s Resurrection
And much much more!

By working with Kabbalah we purify our Vessel of Light, deepen our capacity to forgive ourselves, understand others, take responsibility for our shortcomings and relearn a sacred body of knowledge that has been temporarily veiled from humankind as a consequence of the Fall of Man. 

Shine on!!