We are very happy to have our home studio in the Clifton Center and our current plan is stay at least until 2019! SO DON'T WORRY, BE HAPPY!

Our Fall Semester begins September 10th and runs for 10 weeks!

Email to attend a FREE DEMO this summer! shine@shinelouisville.com

Shine Studio in the Clifton Center

MIXED AGES  (birth - 5)
Monday    10:30am      1:30pm
Tuesday      9:30am    10:30am
Wednesday   10am      11am   
Thursday    9:30am     10:30am    6pm
Friday             10am
Saturday     9:30am     10:30am
Sunday        9:30am

RHYTHM KIDS  -   Level 2 (was BIG KIDS  (6-8 y/o)
Tuesday     4:30pm

RHYTHM KIDS  - Level 1   (4-5 y/o)
Monday     4:30pm  (starts 7/10)

BABIES  (infants under 8months and not yet crawling!)

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