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Clifton/Crescent Hill
Shine Studio through December & then the Louisville Academy of Music in January

Registration for our 10 Week Winter Semester is now OPEN!

Our Winter Semester begins December 3rd - 16th and runs for 2 weeks in December to WELCOME WINTER! and then continues on January 7th - March 3rd. 

Our Winter Schedule

Clifton/Crescent Hill
Classes begin Dec 3rd!

MIXED AGES  (birth - 5)
Monday          10:00am     5:30pm
Tuesday          9:30am     10:30am
Wednesday    10:00am
Thursday        9:30am      6pm
Friday            10am  11am
Saturday         9:30am    10:30am
Sunday            9:30am

Babies  (infants 8 months and younger)
Our Babies Class will begin in January! Stay tuned for Day & Time!

Rhythm Kids - Level 1 (4-5 y/o)
Rhythm Kids will begin in January!!! Stay tuned!
Monday  4:30pm            Wednesday   2pm

Rhythm Kids - Level 2  (6-8 y/o)   
Rhythm Kids will begin in January!!! Stay tuned!                        
Thursday 4:30pm

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