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Nia is a fun, low- or no-impact aerobic workout combining simple dance moves, martial arts and healing arts. No prior experience needed. Nia is user-friendly for everyone at any fitness level - whether you are a high-energy athlete or if you just need to get moving. Reap the benefits: cardio conditioning, stress relief, joint mobility, increased strength and energy.

Vinyasa means “breath-synchronized movement,” so in this yoga class the teacher will instruct you to move from one pose to the next on an inhale or an exhale. The poses run together and become like a dance of a flow. A familiarity with yoga is helpful.

Root & Rise Vinyasa Yoga offers a new alignment paradigm which works to engage, strengthen and tone the back plane of the body. Creating a bow shape in the spine, a fullness of the inner body, and a spring-loaded feeling in all the muscles along the back body. By rooting and rising the pelvis and the head, the spine gains length, space and a ton of strength. It is brave and asks us to be aware of spots we tend to neglect. This class is accessible to all level practitioners.

Kundalini Yoga incorporates physical movement, breathwork, mantra, and intention-setting to co-create with the vital life forces and is a dynamic, powerful tool for radiant wellness. No experience is needed as all classes are suitable for first-time yogis.

Hoop Dance Yoga (for kids & adults) Burn as many calories as aerobics or running - and have twice as much fun! Hoop Dance Yoga is an exhilarating total-body, low-impact workout guaranteed to shake up your fitness routine. Creative, fluid moves reshape your waist, build power in your core, and get your heart pumping. And as you spin the hoop around, you'll feel the joy of movement just like when you were a kid. This class explores the connection between the sacred circle and yoga as a way to increase balance, coordination and flexibility, correct poor posture, unites the breath with movement, cleanses your body of fat and toxins, and leave you feeling alive, creative and de-stressed. We use weighted hoops. Please bring your own hoop; weighted hoops will also be available for purchase at your class.

Awareness Through Movement™("ATM") classes of the Feldenkrais™ Method of Somatic Education will sharpen your "body sense" which Alan Fogel
explains in his article "Slow Movement" published in Psychology Today as "nature's perfect blend of psyche and soma." In Feldenkrais ATM classes, we slow down and pay attention in order to stimulate and ride this neuro two-way highway linking the parasympathetic and immune systems, and we reap the benefits. We reawaken the joy and ease of moving, feel lighter and the muscles are softer yet ready to act, feeling free in the joints, the eyes are more open, breathing is deeper and connected, we stand taller and chronic pain seems to have melted away. We feel embodied and present. "One of the general benefits of the Feldenkrais Method is increased freedom of choice and reduction of compulsive behavior. Spontaneous flow of attention and ability to maintain focus are hallmarks of true health." Marek Wyszynski.

In ATM, we ease into gentle movement, rich in the sensorimotor experience, moving and exploring as we did as children. Children have such an enviable grace that we often lose as we age. But it is not so much because we age, but because we acquire bad habits and a reduced self-image of our potential that we come to believe is actually who we are. Habits often emerge to protect an earlier injury, and then they remain as we shut off and immunize the affected area, losing our joyful body sense and reacting only to pain.

Yoga for Kids

We are currently offering YogaKids as AfterSchool enrichment at the following schools:

Coleridge-Taylor Montessori Elementary
Lincoln Performing Arts School

To register click here

YogaKids 3 - 7 & 6 - 9 year olds
Children will gain strength, concentration, focus, balance,
body awareness, self-esteem, and more while having a great time! YogaKids
® is a nationally-known yoga program that teaches anatomy, math, ecology, and
earth elements through yoga postures and games.

Hoop Dance Yoga for Kids & Teens 6 - 17 year olds
A colorful mix of hooping, dance, play, movement and yoga designed to support physical fitness, encourage ecstatic expression and nurture self-esteem. All classes allow students the opportunity to share what they have learned through dance, play, performance and hoop games. This unique fun fitness program enhances total body awareness, hand–eye coordination, increased flexibility and core strength. Spatial awareness, locomotors and fine motor skills, group participation, creativity and self-expression are just some of the many benefits of hoop dance with children.