Shine is a Movement & Music Studio in Louisville, Kentucky. Our mission is to offer classes, workshops, playshops and other fun events to help you consciously create harmony in your body, mind and spirit.

Our Offerings - Let it Shine, Let it Shine, Let it Shine!

We offer classes for all ages, shapes and sizes. EveryBody is welcome at Shine!

The heart of our offerings are Music Together ®- an early childhood music and movement program and the Nia Technique® - a fitness class and lifestyle practice. Music Together and Nia classes are offered daily at Shine, and both programs  - although seemingly quite different  - bring joy and harmony to the lives of those who step into these beautiful practices!
The Joy of Family Music
For babies, toddlers, preschoolers, big kids and the grownups who love them, Music Together at Shine creates a community of music-makers in every class. The 45 minute classes that families attend each week transfers into hours of musical fun at home, seeping wonderfully into every part of family life, creating not only a music-making child, but a music-making family!
The Joy of Movement
Nia’s philosophy is through movement we find health. Nia fitness is based on the idea that exercise should feel good inside and out. A revolutionary idea in fitness of No Pain = All Gain, Nia's 60 minute classes become a practice that goes with you off the dance floor and into your daily life where you move with awareness and pleasure!
Consciously Creating Harmony
No matter what age -  to be a music-maker - to move to music - and to be in community while experiencing movement and music is every human's birthright and allows us to come into harmony - body, mind and spirit.